“When you’re looking for a new house it’s hard to look through the current state of an house.
The guys from Goodwin Westbay do know how to deal with that situation, they create beautiful pearls from every space.”

— Voorberg Makelaars, Rotterdam

“The gentlemen from Goodwin Westbay are in our point of view pure visionaries. With great passion they give old and somethings even a worn out building a new soul and shine. Also the guys are honest, reliable and easy to deal with.”

— Schieland Borsboom, Zoetermeer

“Goodwin Westbay always surprises us with sublime and smooth properties of the modern time which we live!”

— Maarten Makelaardij, Rotterdam

“Goodwin Westbay is a solid company to do business with. These gentlemen live up to their agreements. In addition, they give their homes a beautiful renovation with a modern touch.”

— Rotsvastgroep, Den Haag

“What makes Goodwin Westbay unique is the constant challenge they set themselves to deliver a home that meets the highest quality and anticipates the trend. The visuals are a good reflection of the end product, but we are always surprised together with our clients about the final result upon delivery!”

— Frisia Makelaars, The Hague

The Goodwin Westbay team has elevated the transformation of commercial spaces into residential real estate to a true art, realizing high-quality turn-key homes in the top segment. Upon completion, the happy end users are time and again amazed by the luxurious finish, the well-chosen colors and the atmosphere after the project is completed. It is a joy for every real estate broker to eventually hand over the key to a happy buyer.

— Plink, Garantiemakelaars